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Confess all the disturbing, pent-up secrets you hold about all that is slenderverse.

Confession Guidelines:
1. Any ask that is accepted will not be altered in any way. It's not our job to correct someone's grammar.
2. If you submit a text confession it will be added onto a graphic of our choice. The graphic may or may not be relevant as there are a limited amount of Slenderman images.
3. You may submit your own image confession. It will be published without any editing whatsoever, if it is accepted.
4. We are only accepting confessions that directly relate to a Slenderman blog, vlog, etc. Nothing may be creator-specific.
5. We discourage Anon hate, and will use our personal judgement as to whether it is a sincere confession or just Anon hate.
6. We will promote any Slenderman-related blog or vlog and will publish the information if you wish to submit it.
7. Is there a difference between "confession" and "opinion"? Not always. We have no right to censor someone's opinion, even if it is a distasteful opinion.
8. Use common sense! You know what is and is not appropriate.


SlenderMan Confessions

Anonymous confessed: CaughtNotSleeping is absurdly, absurdly creative and is by far the most underrated series because of not only its uniqueness but rock-solid acting, editing, and all-star level fan interaction. I don’t even have any part in the interaction (yet) and that still takes it to a huge level of cool for me.

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    Ooooooh back in those days when the interaction was a “huge level of cool” instead of a “huge level of pain in the ass.”...
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